Astros win World Series despite past accusations 


Gio Florio and Ryan Stevens

As the World Series came to an end, we asked faculty and students about their thoughts on it. We got predictions on who would win the series, and there were a lot of mixed ideas. We asked many people from each grade, and the popular opinion was for the underdog Phillies to upset the Astros, but it turns out that they were wrong. Here are some of the comments that EIS students made about the series.

In the past, the Astros were caught cheating, and many people have very harsh opinions about the Astros and Jose Altuve. “They are still cheaters. Altuve stinks,” stated eighth grader Petey Cabrales.  

People dislike Altuve because he hit a very suspicious homerun. It was a walkoff, and he walked into home plate saying, “No, I have a piece on” which was indicating the little buzzers signaling what pitch was coming that the Astros used to cheat. After this incident, Altuve got most of the hate at him for his suspicious homerun. The rest of the team did not get the same hate, for example, George Springer who left for the Blue Jays after the scandal was publicized. Sixth grader Nico Rinaldi summed it up perfectly when he said, “If you cheat at sports, it is still on your record. Just like if you took drugs, it never goes away.”

This goes to show that even if the Astros are a whole new team, they still have a bad reputation that they can not undo. Even though the Astros are seen as cheaters by many, they still won a World Series without cheating.  

The Phillies in our poll were the heavy favorites against the Astros. People wanted the underdog to win.  Many people probably chose the Phillies to win because they took down the number 1 seed in the playoffs showing they could win. But the Astros are a much better team overall; they have the pitching and elite hitters. There was no doubt that the Astros would win. For example, Mattress Mack placed one of the highest bets ever for his hometown Astros to win at 10 million dollars!! When the Astros won, he won 75 million dollars in payout!