Covid-19 cases create change in Westfield

Covid-19 cases create change in Westfield

Natalie Debowski

COVID-19 in Westfield is getting worse, many people are getting this severe virus, this might happen from citizens going places they should not be going. There is a problem in our town with people keeping safe, implementing the dangers this virus can cause. People can be very sick and prone to the virus, that has yet to increase, so citizens in Westfield should keep safe, but workers are also getting sick. 

As the height of Corona, which started in March, and got severely worse, the cases are increasing rapidly. 

The worst possible thing that COVID-19 is doing to Westfield is shutting down sports and team sports. Indoor places closing.

Cases are fluctuating everyday; the schools and businesses are shutting down, for the time being. Keeping the strict measures in Westfield, schools are planning different ways to keep kids safe. Phil Murphy the governor of New Jersey is updating plans of whether schools should be all remote or hybrid.

Westfield High School is getting more and more cases from the sports being played and all the outside activities being hectic. To escalate the amount of parents and students to get Corona and spread it. 

New Jersey has received the vaccines all over, but the town of Westfield does not know when it will get spread to the public; healthcare officials say around 4 months until the public can get it. Our Town will be off for a week after winter break though.   

It is first going to long-term care residents and employees, as well as to certain healthcare workers.

Sara Molen, an eighth grade student from Edison Intermediate School stated, “From walking outside I think that it really depends. Overall I think that older people understand the risks more than young kids. From just walking around town you can tell that most kids are walking around with no masks and yes there are also adults not wearing masks, but overall adults are taking more precautions. I’m not so scared about getting Covid however I am scared that if I do get Covid, I could give it to my parents and possibly even my grandparents who are in their 80’s.”

74 percent of New Jersey, including Westfield patients, are not cooperating with the contact tracers. Covid-19 is putting families into financial ruins and making it hard to find a job, while leaving us with more deaths. There is a higher mortality rate between the population of Westfield.    

    Adding onto sports in Westfield, players are coming off for shortened seasons of fall sports, due to a myriad of covid cases. Since Covid is taking over the students’ sports, the students are protesting to try to make schools and sports safer. 

Furthermore, Sara added, “II think that on all levels people are missing out on experiences which yes is annoying but if we all follow the guidelines put in place by the healthcare workers and the states, this could be over soon and we could all be back to normal. However if people keep not following rules, the cases and deaths will keep rising and this won’t be over for a very long time and you will miss out on so much more than we are right now.” 

As a result Covid is getting worse people are getting worried, as Sara Molen mentioned. It’s getting scarier. 

According to a poll sent out about COVID news, from a couple of students who answered, about 91.7 percent of the students were upset because they are not able to see their families, as well as around 58.3 percent were not able to hang out with friends. 

Westfield has been trying to keep kids safe, but according to data from the 14 students who answered, some of them said that Westfield is doing a satisfactory job or fair job, and some even said very good. 

Schools are trying their best to come up with ways on how to keep students and teachers safe, but students are unhappy. According to the poll, because they are missing out on a lot of fun activities to do.

Overall, Covid-19 is going to be a struggle in Westfield, but eventually our town will fight through it.