Who will win the NFC East? 


Austin Williams and Ignacio Marro

The NFC East is terrible. With a projected final record of23-40-1, the worst division this season and possibly end up asthe worst division of all time.  Even though this division is terrible this season, it has a lot of potential with a lot of the teams having young rosters.

The Cowboys have the most potential according to Zach Epp 8th grader at Edison Intermediate School. He said that the Giants and the Football team aren’t far behind. The Cowboys have a really bright future, and the only reason that they are doing bad currently is due to the injuries that they have had.  Their star quarterback Dak Prescott was putting up MVP numbers before going down with an ankle injury against the Giants in week five. Their offensive line has been plagued with injuries that have hurt star running back Ezekiel Elliot (Zeke).  Zeke has put up career lows in every category but when quarterback Dak Prescott was in he was projected to be the best running back in the league.

Many NFL analysts had the Cowboys being the best team in the NFC East and they had them getting into the playoffs comfortably.  Most analysts projected them at 12-4 at the highest and 10-6 at the lowest, which is surprising considering their record which is 3-8.  They have been unpredictable lately, almost knocking off the Pittsburgh Steelers who are currently 10-0 which is the best record in the league as of right now.  They have also lost to the Eagles and the Football Team as well as the Browns.  The Cowboys have been bad this season but could still squeak into the playoffs if backup quarterback Andy Dalton gets healthy.  Andy Dalton is leading the team right now and led a remarkable comeback against the Minnesota Vikings.   While this season has been a bad one and one to forget, they made a great selection with their first-round pick when they chose Ceedee Lamb out of Oklahoma University.  He is very versatile but mostly plays wide receiver. He has gotten many targets, sometimes even gets rushes out of the backfield or jet sweeps.

The Dallas Cowboys lost on Thanksgiving to the Football Team which is a crucial loss because now they would have to beat the Giants in their last game as well as the Eagles to have a chance at the playoffs.  The Cowboys are now projected at 6-10, which is only one win off of the Giants, but they still have a gruesome schedule.  The Dallas Cowboys are in a very bad place right now when they should be thriving and competing for the super bowl.  The New York football Giants are currently in first place in the NFC East.  The Giants have a young quarterback with high potential but a low floor, a great wide receiving core, a great defense, a top five running back, but one of the worst offensive lines in the league.  The New York Giants are currently 4-7 with a chance to make the playoffs for the first time since 2017.

The Giants have been hit with injuries to the offense that have derailed their season.  The Giants star player Saquon Barkley went out early with a knee injury that has kept him out this season.  Number one wide receiver Sterling Shepard has also been out for an extended amount of time which has affected this young team.  The Giants defense has been a real surprise this year, keeping them in most games they have statistically been a top-seven defense.  The Giants’ problem on offense has been turnovers. Daniel Jones has more turnovers than touchdowns and their running backs need to start holding the ball better if they are to make it to the playoffs and maybe even get a win.

The New York Giants started out 0-4 but have had a resurgence as of late, they have beaten the Washington Football Team twice which is really important to winning the division. They have beaten the Cincinnati Bengals who are a really young team. They beat the Philadelphia Eagles which is a good win for the division, and they have beaten the Seattle Seahawks, who were one of the favorites to go to the Super Bowl.  The New York Giants were a debatable call away from beating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers led by Tom Brady.  The Giants also lost to the Eagles due to a last-second touchdown catch by running back Boston Scott.

The Giants have arguably the brightest future out of all the teams, because of their defense still being young but being really good, and their offense having the stars and just not being able to keep the ball enough.  The Giant’s first round pick this year Offensive Tackle Andrew Thomas out of Georgia has not panned out the way they thought he would.  He has allowed the most sacks of any offensive lineman in the league.  Their second-round pick Xavier Mckinney has been held out for the whole season with a knee injury but in his first game back showed the potential. The Giants front office has made mistakes in the past few years like trading Odell Beckham and passing on Lamar Jackson, but they have made some great decisions such as trading for defensive tackle Leonard Williams who is in the race for most sacks.

The Giants may struggle to win the NFC East due to Daniel Jones’ new hamstring injury that could keep him out the next two weeks which are absolutely vital towards their playoff push.  Backup Colt Mccoy has been an NFL journeyman and has a ton of experience and led them to a win over the Bengals so he may be able to keep them alive while Jones’ heals.  The Giants have won four of their last five and are looking like a playoff team even without their quarterback who was still competitive with the Seahawks.  The Giants are now projected to finish at 7-9 with one of the toughest ends to the season. The Giants are doing better than they were projected even with the injuries and could cause some trouble in the playoffs if they make it.

Carson Wentz and the Eagles are struggling with this year. At week 11, Wentz had 15 interceptions and 16 touchdowns. The lack of weapons and terrible draft choices have left them projected at 5-10-1. Two years ago, the Eagles passed on D.K Metcalf three times and picked J.J Arcega-Whiteside, who is a lousy excuse for a wideout. They also passed on talented offensive lineman and chose Andre Dillard, a guard who hasn’t played over ten snaps in the 2020 season. The injuries hurt a lot as well, Alshon Jeffery, Lane Johnson, and our best guard and arguably the best player in Philadelphia, Brandon Brooks. There is one bright spot; Jalen Hurts. He showed against the Packers that he wants to win. He was running, throwing, and only made one mistake. I believe that he can help bring this franchise back to life if they start him. If they stick with Wentz, they are going straight down the toilet and won’t reach playoff contention in a long time.

As for the Washington Football Team, I don’t know what to say. The ownership is horrendous, but they can win the NFC East.  With their recent win over the previously undefeated Pittsburgh Steelers, the Football Team is now tied for the division lead with the New York Giants and have a solid chance to win the division. They have a Quarterback recovering from injury who somehow wins games. They have a bright future if they can get their franchise Quarterback and some more decent running backs. They have a superstar in the making, Chase Young, who could be a future first-ballot Hall of Famer. If Alex Smith or Dwayne Haskins can keep this franchise alive for a few more years and the Football team drafts right, this team could be good. But for now, they are just one of the horrendous teams in the NFC East.

Overall, the 2020 NFC East has been terrible. It has been one of the worst divisions ever. Any fanbase in that division shouldn’t be proud if they win the lousy NFC East but they will still have a team in the playoffs so there is something to play for. This division is very young and has generational talents, but this division won’t be good for one or two more years.