Jets have a complete meltdown 


Alex Urbina and Samuel Esposito

What do you think a bad sports team looks like? Would they lose all of their games, or have horrible teamwork and communication?

In the middle of this NFL season, there have been many teams that collapsed on themselves, but none could compare to the New York Jets so far. The Jets are the only team right now to not win a game in this season. The Jets could be the third team in NFL history to go 0-16, along with the 2008 Detroit Lions and the 2016 Cleveland Browns.

The Jets have shown no signs of winning with  only having two games within a 10 point loss. It doesn’t help that injuries have played a big role in their performance as well. In many weeks, their starting quarterback, Sam Darnold, was out with a shoulder injury, which led to former Ravens and Broncos quarterback Joe Flacco, backing up Darnold in four full games.

It doesn’t help that their top wide receiver Jamison Crowder, missed four games as well with injuries of his own, leaving an injury prone Breshad Perrimen and rookie Denzel Mims to step up. They aren’t doing very well on the defensive front either,  after a good season defensively last year, the Jets defense has dropped down to the 29th worst defense in the league.

Only three other teams, who all have better records than the Jets this season, are below them. The front office of the Jets foundation seems to be in shambles as well, with fans calling for the firing of head coach Adam Gase, for doing a poor job so far this season. Things were getting so bad with the fan reactions and the results of the games, Gase let go of offensive play calling for a couple weeks before taking it back after the Jets failed to produce game winning strategies.

Edison student and Jets fan Ben Epstein, had this to say on the matter, ¨Gase has got to go, the rest of the coaches have done an alright job with what players they have so far.¨

Showing just a sample from a disappointed, yet positive fan. Now, if this season keeps going in the direction that the Jets are steering it into. The Jets should receive the first round pick in the NFL draft. In a situation the Jets are in, they could use all the help they can get. Many sport analysts believe that the Jets will ditch Sam Darnold and use their first round pick on a quarterback prospect, like Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields.

It could be helpful to recover from the losses of top players last year including wide receiver, Robbie Anderson, and safety, Jamal Adams. The Jets will look to draft players in parts where they need help like the offensive line and receiver targets. The New York Jets will also look to fire their head coach and look for another play caller moving on to next year.  Hopes may be high for the Jets next year because they have shown they can compete with some winning teams this year. That means they can be great next year with more backup in the draft. Overall, the Jets have not been having a good season at all this year, but there is hope for improvement in the coming years with a new class of draft picks on the table and many players who could develop and fill positions that need improvement to make the Jets a better team.

To sum it all up, the New York Jets are not having a strong season and need a lot of work moving to next year. It is possible to be playoff contenders with their strong lineup in the upcoming draft. The Jets will receive the first overall pick most likely another pick in the first round.