It’s Time for a Change


Emma Epstein and Amanda Williams

After a long 231 years, a woman was elected as Vice President by Joe Biden, President-elect for the United States. This woman is Kamala Harris. Harris is not only the first female Vice President, she is also the first Black and Indian American to take part in that role. 

Looking back into Kamala’s childhood, she was born in Oakland, California on October 20, 1964. She had divorced parents and a younger sister, Maya. Growing up, Kamala went to school in Montreal. She then proceeded to attend college at Howard University and majored in political science and economics. After she graduated, Harris went to Law school in San Francisco. While taking part in law school, Harris lived with her sister and helped take care of Maya’s daughter.

 Later, in 1990, Harris joined the Alameda County Prosecutor’s Office in Oakland. Harris was an assistant district attorney focusing on certain crimes. In 2003, she ran for district attorney in San Francisco and won. She also won senate in 2016, Kamala’s family was at first skeptical of her career choice, but now they can see that Harris was born to be a role model.

Many people were ecstatic when they found out Kamala was VP. “I feel proud, moved to tears of joy that Black and brown women and girls have representation at the highest level. This is a collective, profound win,” says Seferiana Day, a political consultant. Kamala has inspired women all over the globe to follow their dreams and to conquer the expectations for women. Priya Frank, the director of equity, diversity, and inclusion at Seattle Art Museum, was also overjoyed by the news. “Today I get to see my mom, my aunts, and myself reflected in our vice president of the United States,” Frank said. “As a South Asian woman, I honestly never imagined I would see that in my lifetime, let alone there’s. The gratitude I feel that my strongest influences get to experience this moment truly feels like a gift for all of the sacrifices they made, the fears they conquered, the ways they stood up for others, and the way they paved for me.” 

Although Harris is shown to be the top choice based on the quotes, this scenario is different for everyone.

Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States, has refused to pronounce her name correctly and after the Vice-Presidential debate, he derided her as a “monster.” This shows that different people from different political groups have varying opinions on Harris’s role in the White House. Just because Harris is in office doesn’t mean that it will change the whole country’s point of view.

To sum up, Kamala is breaking the boundaries of the White House and being an inspiration for women everywhere. Just because Kamala is in office, doesn’t mean that it will change the whole country’s point of view, but it will make more things possible for women of color across America. As Kamala always says, “You may be the first, but make sure you’re not the last.”