New devices create a buzz


Natalie Debowski and Sophia Fussman

If you like tech devices and can’t wait to switch out your old gadgets, then you are in luck! New Apple and Samsung products are taking the internet by surprise, with all the hot new features. With these new releases, there is something for everyone! Apple just released new ipads, watches, phones, and Samsung just also released new phones!

For all the Apple users out there, get ready for new technology. Four new phones came out, in four different models, with a variety of colors. The first phone you have is the iPhone 12 mini, which has a smaller screen compared to the other phones. iPhone 12, sort of like the iPhone 11, including the iPhone 12 mini, has two cameras. iPhone 12 pro, with three cameras, spreading the big and bold, you never expected. iPhone 12 pro max has three cameras and a bigger screen. The new phones have a different shape for the frame; it is more rectangular. The news phones have a faster network and better camera quality to take high-quality photos and videos. 

Ms. Jessica Ciampa, an English Language Arts teacher, stated, “I have the iPhone 11.  Before this phone, I had the iPhone 6, so I waited a long time to upgrade! I love how fast it is compared to my old phone, the camera quality is amazing, and the battery life is great.” 

Apple provides a long battery life and a faster charge. With Apple and charging, it comes with wireless charging, which costs separately from a standard box; outlet chargers.  

If you’re in the dark, and you want to take a picture, if you like cool colors on a phone that make it pop, there are 4-5 different colors, depending on which iPhone you get. The iPhone 12 provides a more variety of colors. The iPhone 12 pro provides a higher quality camera. What makes this phone unique is the 5G network, which never came out on the iPhone before, but the new phones lead to faster networks. 

What makes the new iPhones distinctive is the latest tech display features; the new iPhones come with OLED. According to Tom’s guide, a reporter about new technology mentioned, “It’s fortunate, then, that the new iPhone that most people will probably buy is also mostly a success. The iPhone 12 has an attractive new design, a straightforward and complete approach to 5G, good cameras, and even better performance.” For users who don’t like newer models, Apple provides the iPhone 11, just a different structure and a little lower quality pictures. For cheaper phones, the iPhone SE is also an option.     

 Apple has done it again, creating yet another groundbreaking piece of technology. The new Apple watch series 6 is altering the way people view watches. Primarily, the Apple watch series 6 includes a blood oxygen sensor, which could show signs of COVID-19. This new feature could help prevent the spread of the virus by detecting early symptoms. Another new feature is hand washing detection; this app sets a timer for 20 seconds and automatically starts it when it senses when you are washing your hands. During these uncertain times, this feature can help make sure Apple watch users aren’t spreading germs. Lastly, the new apple watch series six can easily pair with any of your apple products. Ms. Jessica Ciampa stated, “I like Apple because of how connected everything is.  For example, my pictures on my phone automatically sync to my laptop, my iMessages are available on my laptop, and my Apple Watch is connected to my phone”. The new Apple watch series six have been making a splash in the tech world, especially during the holidays.

Creating more substantial devices, Apple also launched the new iPad 10.2, which has been adapted to fit the new normal of daily life. This iPad has several features involving virtual work and school. The iPad can now be attached to a smart keyboard and is compatible with trackpads creating a computer-like experience. 

On the flip side, a new feature also allows you to handwrite in any document and has a split-screen option to be on facetime while being on another application. Another accessory that goes with the iPad 10.2 is the Apple pencil. This pencil allows you to draw, write, and type on documents and screenshots. The new iPad has implemented new features to enable its users to be creative and be used for work.

Apple is not the only big electronic company; Samsung is also a big company that sells the same type of electronics. Samsung provides different kinds of phones. Instead of a classic rectangular shape phone, Samsung comes with unique designs. This electronic company also sells bright tablets and watches. The new one, Galaxy Fold, has a way to unfold and fold your phone. The folding design makes it out to be a tablet, to see a larger screen. The phone has different angles when you want to take a picture or video chat. Samsung has created a way to see two other websites on the same screen. The new feature will allow Galaxy users to multitask. 

Apple is not the only one who has a 5G network though, Samsung is providing 5G to their newest phones as well. According to all researchers, phones take up lots of battery life, but this phone can sustain two battery lives, leading it to a longer charge. Mr. Sean Bonesara, a robotics teacher at EIS, stated, “However when I have used one, I don’t like how simplistic the iPhone platform is to the point that it bothers me to navigate through its different features. Androids have a platform that makes more sense to me when navigating through the phone.” 

Samsung is not only a phone-based company; they also sell tablets and watches. Samsung is stepping up and creating bright and newer technology, even during these challenging times.         

These products have people buzzing over the new features and accessories. Both Samsung and Apple have brought some great ideas to the table that will revolutionize the tech industry.