People need positivity amidst the negative news


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Makenna Reed

For many people, all the news consists of bad news about the coronavirus. After a while, you start to get upset because you just want all of this to be over while the news is saying things about social distancing lagging into summer. Edison Intermediate School (EIS) eighth grader Ava Desena stated, “Most of the time the news leaves a negative impact because I can always hear it when my parents watch it. All of the things they are saying are mostly negative which makes me nervous.”

Some people are using other methods to keep up with the recent updates in order to keep them from becoming emotional. “Watching the news can leave a negative impact on me, so I have to be mindful of what I watch. I prefer to read about the news than watch it on TV because I find it to be less emotionally-charged,” explained EIS seventh grade math teacher Julia Torsiello. 

Along with the negative side of the news, people’s everyday behavior is being affected by all of the bad news and extra precautions around them. “I think people have been more scared when going out in public. Normally, it’s easier to go out and do that stuff. It is making people more on edge,” reported  EIS eighth grader Casey Engel.  

People need more positivity throughout this difficult time, and the stories ahead should help to bring some light in your life. Now, let’s give you some good news. The Obamas are planning on a virtual commencement speech for the students of the class of 2020. When a student from the class of 2020 reached out to former President Barack Obama on Twitter, the former first lady Michelle Obama and he scheduled a virtual commencement speech on June 6th for the seniors. They were also be joined by many other celebrities who are to speak. “‘They got to vote for Barack Obama in mock elections when they were little kids and they got to watch Barack Obama become the first black president and get sworn in while they were in school,’” said Westfield High School senior Lincoln Debenham.

Other people have been seeing some positive things throughout the internet as well.One thing I have read on the news recently is that the band One Direction may be getting back together. This makes me happy because I love their music, and I want them to make more,” declared eighth grader Gianna Puglisi. 

Another nice story on the news is a dad finally got the chance to see his four-year-old daughter fighting leukemia. While living in Scotland, her dad had to go to work every day and didn’t want to risk infection. He kept his distance and talked through a window for 2 months through the pandemic with her. Thankfully, after a 2-week quarantine, he was able to reunite with his wife and daughter. He plans to stay with them and return to work later on. 

One last story that should put you in a better mood for the day is that California is going to pay restaurants to deliver food to eligible senior citizens in need. They will deliver three nutritious meals per day while providing jobs to people who have lost their jobs during the pandemic. They will get food from struggling restaurants to support them as well. They make the health of the seniors their top priority to protect them from COVID-19 since they are at higher risk.