Arts and crafts projects erase boredom


Elle McSweeney

As everyone is sitting inside bored and not knowing what to do, you can do arts and crafts. They are fun, time-worthy, and can be used in so many ways.  Being bored can cause students to become anxious and can lead to depression, especially if they use too much screen time. Experts say you can use art in order to feel relaxed, and many people are creating art during quarantine to occupy their hands and minds. Some people enjoy creating art by themselves; it can be more relaxing for them.  Others would rather make art with a friend. Mr. Richard McNanna, eighth grade Language Arts and Special Education teacher at Edison Intermediate School noted, “I like to work with my son, He is 7 years old and goes to Mckinley School.  His name is Dean.”

Mr. McNanna has been drawing a lot during the pandemic. He explained, “My son and I have been taking the time to learn how to draw all sorts of cartoon characters on some fantastic websites.  We use Art for Kids on Youtube for all sorts of fun characters ‘how-to’s,’ and Disney Parks’ Youtube series How-To Draw for professional instruction on drawing Disney characters.  I know there are many other websites and videos that instruct cartoon art, but we like these the best.” 

Besides drawing tutorials that just use pen and paper, there are several different kinds of materials to buy that have so many art uses, such as glue, popsicle sticks, art paper, colored pencils, glitter, and many more.  Children can also use regular chalk to replace sidewalk chalk. There are also many items you have right in your kitchens such as flour, cream of tartar, and salt.  These ingredients are used to make on your own such as slime.  To add an extra element to slime, some use scents, such as lavender or chamomile. 

  When it comes to crafts, some people are well prepared. Mrs. Tierri, eighth grade classroom aide, declared, “There is an entire closet in my house dedicated to crafting materials.  At any given time, you can always find a large oak tag (poster boards), which has come in quite handy during quarantine for all the birthday drive-bys we have been participating in.  In addition, there’s always ribbons, paints, markers, crayons, glue sticks, hot glue guns, beads, etc.”

Art can be a way to bring people together, it can make someone smile and cheer them up.  Art is a way to express yourself and everyone has a different outlook and ideas, which makes art so special.  Art is a very special, unique, creative way to show appreciation or thanks to someone, so go make someone happy and create a masterpiece for them.