Schedules and To-Do lists create order


Paige Landry and Darcy Scheiner

Is distance learning really beneficial for students? If it’s not working for you, maybe you just need to get more organized. Organization during this pandemic is very important. During quarantine, all days seem to mesh together and it is hard to remember what you need to accomplish. It is good to keep on a schedule, so days can feel as normal as possible and all work can be completed. 

Edison Intermediate School (EIS) seventh and eighth grade Language Arts teacher Ms. Jessica Ciampa stated, “I think that organization has taken on such a new meaning now with virtual learning. To me, being organized in virtual learning means knowing how to balance classes, teaching, emails, schedules, and my own personal life.”

 Without organization, many people would not be able to accomplish all of their work and they would feel very overwhelmed. Many teachers at EIS are finding different ways to stay organized. Ms. Ciampa revealed, “To stay organized, I created a Google Doc with a chart that includes: a to-do list, to grade list, video conference times, and the office hour schedule.  I check this every morning and every night to stay organized and ready for the next day!” 

 Students also have an advantage because every assignment they are getting is online and virtual making it very easy to create to-do lists and organize their work. “I would rather it be online because it is easier to organize and see what work you have to do throughout those days and you can easily let your teacher see the work you have done so far. You can also ask for help and make the work collaborative,” explained fourth grader at Tamaques School, Rhett Landry. 

Even though students face the challenge of keeping motivated at home, the way we can stay focused is to see our tasks fully written out, so we can fully understand what we need to complete. “In the chaos of this day in age, I’m doing the best I can to restore the feeling of having a normal lifestyle. I am facing the challenge of procrastination, so I make to-do lists to help keep me on track,” stated eighth grade EIS student Cara Cogan. 

Some students have been working overtime in order to complete the work before it’s due. Doing this could make students feel very overwhelmed and disorganized. Also,  the teachers aren’t always prepared for that amount of work to be turned in at once. “I have a feeling that during the week, some students are working beyond the normal hours of our typical school day which is why I make all assignments due before the weekend begins,” Ms. Jessica Ciampa added.
Overall, distance learning can be very stressful if you are not organized. Many students are rushing to finish their work or shoving it all in one day due to their lack of a schedule. However, this could easily change just by simply making a to-do list. Staying organized relieves stress and allows students to get the most out of distance learning.