Does distance learning stomp out normal school?


Jeremy Cruz and Alex Chelak

Is distance learning worth it? Although more and more employers realize that online school is legitimate and credible, many employers still hesitate to accept those who obtain a degree from online classes. This is one factor that not many people realize when starting distance learning. Some people say distance learning isn’t that bad, some people say it is horrible. Others simply don’t care, but one thing is not opinion. Distance learning is a much different experience in learning compared to normal everyday school. What follows are the main complaints as well as the main advantages of our new distance learning.

The best part of distance learning for most people is the freedom that you get when you have all day to complete your work. With this freedom, you can work your day however you want to. You can wake up early and finish it all, so you have more time later in the day, or you can sleep in and feel more energized when you begin your work. This freedom is something that students have been seeking for years ever since they started school. “I can make my own schedule, so I have a lot of my own freedom,” said Edison Intermediate School (EIS) eighth grader Jackson.

Along with this big advantage in school, there are other things that both students and teachers have agreed make distance learning an easier experience. Rather than trudging around hallways and staying locked in place in classrooms, you are able to complete your work in your more comfortable clothes and in the comfort of your own home while on a couch or a bed. This is something that even teachers are not afraid to admit that the like. Mrs. Laura Paiva, Computer Technology teacher at EIS, stated, My favorite part of distance learning is that I can work in comfy clothes with my dog sitting next to me. I also really like the days that I have video conferencing, and I get to see my students when they log in. Even if it’s just to say hi, it’s nice to see everyone,”

Now onto the cons of distance learning. Many people and especially kids at our school miss the face-to face-help. Although students can still email teachers or go to virtual meetings, it’s not the same as the teacher or somebody helping you in person. The process is slower, and it is more difficult than when we were in school. This is proven by EIS eighth grader Evan, “I don’t like how when I’m reading, or trying to learn, I can’t go ask the teachers questions. When they finally respond to my email, I lose my train of thought and am confused all over again.”    

Another negative thing about distance learning is our future. Although we have similar classes and do similar activities in an online school, it’s not the same. Even just being at home rather than a school can put some students in a mindset that makes it harder for them to gather and remember information. Because of this, some eighth grade students are worried about being in high school next year. All the end of the year things they are learning it is difficult to remember. Among these students is EIS eighth grader Andrew, “ I’m really worried about next year because I barely remember all of the new material we are learning in math the next week. Freshman year is going to be bad for everyone.” 

As you can see there are many pros and cons to this situation. There are many more things that you may like or dislike about distance learning. But these are the more common ones that students found particularly helpful or stressful. Hopefully, the pros outweigh the cons in the future and we will all continue school the good old fashion way.