F is for Fabulous, Fantastic, Fun, and Films!


Emma Clark

Since the start of the COVID-19 quarantine, there has been one question floating around everyone’s mind, what should I do? With schools and businesses being closed, it may seem like there is nothing to do at all, but don’t worry there is a simple solution for you: MOVIES! From action, sci-fi, to dramas and more, there is a movie for anyone and everyone. 

Movies are also a great way to bond with family and friends, and there’s no better time than now to just hang out with your loved ones and watch a great movie. There are so many movies out there that it’s almost impossible to not find amazing movies that you will love. Our modern technology today makes it so easy to watch movies, and subscriptions make it so accessible to watch so many movies at such a low cost. Jessica Herrera, Edison Intermediate School (EIS) eighth grade science teacher voiced, “We have so many subscriptions in our house! We subscribe to Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu!”

So, what kind of movies should you watch? It depends. “I like more recent movies because the movies relate more to what is happening now in the world,” eighth grade student at EIS Grace Kim expressed. 

If you’re looking for a more modern take on life, The Perks of Being a Wallflower is perfect for you. Directed by Stephen Chbosky, this story takes a more modern and realistic take on life. You follow high school freshman Charlie Kelmeckis and his experiences, both good and bad. This is based on a book of the same title written in 1999, by Chbosky, and covers serious topics such as depression and abuse, so I would not recommend it to someone who just wants a light and happy movie. The movie is incredibly directed and the actors make you feel like you’re a part of the story. It’s definitely a tear-jerker but totally worth it!

Next, Erin Doherty, eighth grade student at EIS explained,“My favorite movie genre is comedy.” 

If you want a comedy that will keep you laughing for days, 2010’s Growns Ups directed by Dennis Dugan is right for you. After a middle school basketball coach passes away, five best friends Lenny  Feder (Adam Sandler), Eric Lamonsoff (Kevin James), Kurt Mckenzie (Chris Rock), Marcus Higgins (David Spade) and Rob Hilliard (Rob Schneider) reunite and stay in a lake house for a weekend full of surprises and shenanigans. This movie can always make me laugh even when I have a bad day. It is also a great movie to watch with your whole family.

Sixth grade EIS Language Arts teacher Mrs. Sandy Boutskiaris stated, “I like the old movies. The characters were more real and the plots were rich and well developed. Too many movies today lack any creativity and imagination; some movies are very predictable and follow the same plotline. It’s either a remake of a classic or a franchise. I’d love to see something new and refreshing.” 

Old movies are called classics for a reason! One of the many classics loved by many is Grease, directed by Randal Kleiser. Made in 1978, Grease was a 1950’s love story between the popular jock Danny Zuko, played by John Travolta, and the new transfer student Sandy Olsson, played by Olivia Newton-John. It has been nominated for many awards and for its acting and its original music. It is a classic love story that will keep you on the edge of your seats, and yet somehow never gets old. 

“I have not watched any movies in quarantine yet, but I would like to!” EIS eighth grade student Gabi Brennan admitted. 

Movies are an easy, quick and enjoyable way to kill time, especially with our circumstances. It also bonds people together by watching together or even just talking about a certain movie. There are also more ways to watch with your friends, even quarantined. Netflix Party is a free downloadable extension for your computer that lets you watch Netflix at the same time as your friends and be able to talk to them while watching. So if you’re ever bored during quarantine, watch a movie, it will be worth it!