Keeping calm during the isolation


Dani Brown

Are you feeling anxious being quarantined at home? Well, you are not alone. According to researchers, 36% of Americans say that this pandemic has had an impact on their mental health. Also, 31% of Americans are sleeping less because of coronavirus related anxiety. These percentages are still increasing as quarantine continues. 

 “If I’m feeling nervous about everything that is going on, I usually try to find a good movie or TV series to focus on watching to distract myself. It always calms me down at least for a little while,” revealed Mrs. Jessica Herrera, eighth grade science teacher at Edison Intermediate School (EIS). 

Anxiety and depression are thriving during the pandemic right now. It is a scary time, and everyone needs distractions, so they don’t fall into a hole of depression. In normal times, 6 million people suffer from anxiety, and this number is higher during a pandemic.

Researchers are seeing more and more people needing treatment when they develop anxiety or depression from their time spent in isolation. Grace Lisnock, EIS eighth grade student, stated, “One thing that makes me happy is working out because it really relieves any stress and makes me feel more alive.”

People need to stay six feet away from each other to not endanger themselves from getting the coronavirus. Some say it is extremely stressful not knowing what is going to happen and when we will come out of quarantine. Another way to stay calm and relieve stress is to get outdoors. “I usually take an hour-long walk every day and listen to music.  It really calms me, and it’s nice being out in the fresh air.  Sometimes I will go even when it’s raining,” explained Mr. Robert Maver,  eighth grade U.S. History teacher.

Many experts have concerns that people have an elevated fear of catching or dying of the virus. Anxiety sufferers are prone to catastrophizing, which can result in behavior like panic buying or trying different medication or treatment in an effort to “cure” or prevent corona. Consumers are hoarding huge amounts of toilet paper and water. President Trump speculated on live television should you inject a disinfectant, like lysol. “Some days are better than others. Sometimes I feel like I have everything under control, and other days I feel overwhelmed and sad about missing out on what life is supposed to be about for me and my family,” voiced Mrs. Kimberly Swenson, eighth grade Language Arts teacher. 

Not only adults are freaking out about coronavirus, so are children. Everyone is on edge because it could affect children’s education, summer, and their emotional state. “I have been coping by spending time with family and trying to cook and learn new recipes to distract myself,” stated Grace Lisnock. 

It is hard trying to distract yourself when so much fear is on your mind. So many kids are worried about their summer being canceled because the world is being canceled. They won’t be able to go to the pool, the beach, or a vacation. As a result, many people are anxious about what is going on in the world. Instead of sitting around thinking about it, distract yourself and make yourself feel good in quarantine. Just know you are not alone in this.