Get your masks ready: We are going to puppy town

Get your masks ready: We are going to puppy town

Bored during quarantine? Puppy fun is for everyone! Many people can agree  

puppies are adorable and a great addition to your family. However, puppies tend to be quite a handful to properly train, especially when you are out and about. Between going number two in the house and chewing on new shoes, puppies need a lot of attention in order to learn what they can and can not do.

Nonetheless, many can agree these furry friends are worth the chewed up socks. Owning a puppy also comes with numerous health benefits. According to research, they help reduce anxiety and high blood pressure. They also help improve your immunity to diseases. In addition, having a dog by your side can reduce the number of anxious outbursts from Alzheimer’s patients. A new addition to your family or home also provides companionship for years. In fact, dogs make great companions. “Whether you’re having to self-isolate or are alone whilst your partner is busy working, your dog can offer you company. Even if that is just sitting on your lap whilst you watch tv or under your feet whilst you’re washing up,” stated 

In addition, dogs provide love and affection when you may need it most. Dogs don’t mind if you failed a test, or choked in a game, they only want to see you after a long day of waiting for you to come home. James Torta, brother of Physical Education teacher at Edison Intermediate School (EIS) Mrs. Christine Cabrales recently got a puppy. He revealed, “Dogs love you unconditionally and they are so pure of heart. They are great.”

Also, for many people, quarantine has proved to be a great time to add a puppy into the family because everyone has so much time on their hands.“I actually have always loved pets. I have had dogs my whole life, and I had 10 dogs. They have been part of my life and I missed having a dog. The timing is awesome during quarantine,” shared Mr. Zachary Crutcher, eighth grade Math teacher. He recently got a new puppy.

Additionally, quarantine gives some people an opportunity to do things they might not have done before. Everyone knows training is an important aspect of a dog’s life, so quarantine gives some people an ample amount of time to train a dog. Teaching your puppy how to walk well on a leash, potty training, and socializing with people and other dogs alike are all crucial aspects of training. It is also imperative for many people to get their new puppy adapted to their schedule. “Having more time at home has made it easier to train our dog and get her used to routines and rules in our house. I think we are more patient because of the time we have,” remarked Mrs. Lori Bercovicz, eighth grade Guidance Counselor.

Furthermore, society believes taking care of pets should always be a group effort to properly train them and make them a true part of the family. “Training and taking care of our new puppy is a group effort which makes it all the more satisfying for everyone,” added Mrs. Bercovicz.

Although quarantine has been a tough time for everyone at one point or another, a new addition to the family truly could brighten up the cloudy horizon for many. Mrs. Michelle Belz, Special Education teacher observed, “It’s something extra to focus on a happy thing for all of us to enjoy when we are stuck home.”