Conservation for endangered animals is to die for

Justine Dudkiewicz, Writer

There are over 40,000 vulnerable to critically endangered species in the world, listed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Every living thing in the world plays an important role, and it’s important to know and care about them. Seventh grader Livia Reyes stated, “I think [preserving endangered animals] is important because, without those animals, the environment would be hurt.”

It’s always annoying when you are at the beach and get bitten by tons of little flies and bugs. Birds like piping plovers eat small crustaceans and pesky insects, which is super helpful at the beach. In addition, the bird is an indicator species that helps scientists see the conditions of the ecosystem. The piping plover is a sandy-grey coloured bird that lives on beach or lakeshores; the species live in New Jersey part of the year to nest and raise their chicks. The piping plover, however, is endangered because of many causes. Some include habitat loss, water control systems, like dams, that change the water levels, and therefore the environment. These changes make land unsuitable for nesting. In addition, piping plovers will abandon their nests if they are being disturbed, cats and dogs sometimes hunt the birds, and cars can even run over eggs or chicks.

Everyone knows about sea turtles and the fact that they are endangered. There are many types of sea turtles, from the hawksbill sea turtle to the soft shell sea turtle. Marine turtles play an important role in not only our environment, but also the economy. The turtles keep the reef healthy and available for other animals, they transport nutrients, eat jellyfish and seagrass, and more. Sea turtles are also important to the economy because they are a big tourist attraction, as well as being a popular design on merchandise. Some good ways to help not only turtles, but other animals,  would be cleaning up the beach and the water so the trash doesn’t get carried into the ocean where so much wildlife lives. In addition, using reusable items like water bottles or food containers (instead of plastic baggies), and recycling plastic. 

When you think of a species being endangered, you most likely think about pandas, turtles, or some other kind of animal; but what about endangered plants? Plants play a very important role in the environment; they produce food, give shelter, prevent erosion, create oxygen and so much more. Seventh grader Zachary Mendoza explained that, “some species aren’t seen as important because less people know about them.”

It’s important to not only care about animals, but all endangered species. Lots of living things are endangered; even plants and insects, but only a small population gets conservation effort or becomes acknowledged. The way to conserve and care for all these creatures is to learn about them and what you can do to help. Sixth grader Manasvini Jairam gave ideas to how awareness could be spread, “fundraisers, awareness in popular places, and support from famous people, like a popular singer’s concert.”

Preserving endangered species is extremely important because they are all part of a healthy world; clean air, food, water, and countless other things. It is essential to do our best to care for the unique and amazing species in our world.