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Jets will face off against the Giants at the end of October this year.

Jets will face off against the Giants at the end of October this year.

A New Hope

The end to the New York Giants’ season last year was less than satisfactory. They had to suffer a tough loss to their division rivals, the Eagles. However, most Giants fans agree that the season was a success. “We overachieved. No one thought we could make a run, but we managed to do it under our new head coach, Brian Daboll,” Vice Principal Mrs. LaNova Shall remarked. “This season will be so much better.” 

Their counterparts, the Jets, also have something to be excited about. They didn’t even make the playoffs last year, but the organization traded multiple draft picks to the Packers for their star quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Eighth grader Ethan Henkus exclaimed, “This is the final piece to lead us to a Super Bowl!” 

However, not all Jets fans agree. “My first reaction was that we gave up too much.” Eighth grade math teacher Mr. Zachary Crutcher reflected, “I mean, we gave up multiple first round picks and a second for a quarterback that’s like 42 years old. That’s not a long-term solution.” 

Mr. Crutcher is one of the only Jets fans still keeping his cool, as the majority of them think it’s Super Bowl or bust.

NBA Madness

Jimmy Butler, (22), shoots over R.J. Barrett, (9), in their Game 3.

The NBA Finals are in full swing, and the Nuggets and Heat are both fighting for the Trophy. “Nuggets in 5!” eighth grader Anthony Narciso declared. 

However, the New York team, the Knicks, were eliminated two rounds earlier by the Heat. Though disappointed, most Knicks fans still believe that the season was a success. Mr. Crutcher said, “No one thought we were gonna make it to the playoffs, much less the second round.” 

After a 4-2 defeat, though, other fans are not as happy. “We lost to the team that played better, but Julius Randle and R.J. Barett didn’t show up. They were nowhere to be found in the losses.”