Top three must eat places in Westfield


Students and staff at Edison Intermediate School have diverse preferences when it comes to food. Yet, locals have come to the consensus that downtown Westfield has some excellent eateries. “I like most places in Westfield, our town has a lot of good spots to eat,” stated Edison Intermediate School sixth grader Megan Dermody. 

After surveying people in our town, the top three restaurants have been revealed. These results were anticipated; family and friends have been going to these restaurants for years, and it is clear that they are worth the trip. 

Coming in third place, Five Guys is one of the most popular spots for teens from EIS to grab a burger. When visiting the restaurant, the loud atmosphere attracts kids from all around town. They include quick and easy service while providing free peanuts for customers to enjoy. The menu has few items; however, they are all hits. Five Guys has a four-star rating along with excellent reviews. Additionally, it was evaluated number two in the Quick Bites of Westfield category. Five Guys is available on DoorDash and GrubHub. It is located on 21 East Broad Street, not too far away from Westfield train station. As well, the service is rated to be super quick and effortless. “Five Guys is definitely the fastest and easiest place for food in town,” comments seventh grader Reagan Stevens.

Casa Di Pizza comes in second place. The smell of fresh pizza warms the restaurant and lures customers in. This restaurant features a large menu with items from garden-fresh salads to steaming Italian dishes. Also, they supply some of the most well-rated pizza in town. It is located on 50 Elm Street, right by other great restaurants. This casual pizzeria offers vegetarian options and caters to all types of individuals. Hailey Beckerman, an eighth grade student at EIS, has been going to Casa Di Pizza for years, and decided to shed light on their high quality pizza. “I usually go to Casa Di Pizza because their pizza is amazing,” she revealed. 

Before all else, Qdoba stands proudly as the favorite restaurant. It seems to be the main spot for teenagers to come to on a Friday night. Food is freshly prepared, which is one of the key aspects to obtaining delicious burrito bowls, tacos, and quesadillas that customers look forward to. Family and friends love this restaurant for its variety of options. People can pick and choose what toppings to put on their meals, and this quick process is efficient for customers who are on the go. It is located at 70 Elm Street, near runner up, Casa Di Pizza. There are a lot of popular places, but Qdoba has stood out to many people, including Mrs. Kimberly Swenson, an eight grade English teacher at EIS. “Qdoba seems to be the most popular spot for teenagers in Westfield,” she assumed. 

Thus, these restaurants are classics that still seem to peak after years of dining. Westfield has an immense amount of reliable restaurants; however, these three seem to capture the attention of nearly all students and staff at EIS.