The winners and losers of the NFL draft


Jake Russell and Alex Lawrence

Greetings, it is Jake Russell and Alex Lawrence back for another quality article. Today we will speak upon the results of the National Football League (NFL) draft and how it will have an effect for teams across the league. 

The 2022 NFL Draft concluded on Saturday, April 30th. On Thursday, April 28th, the seven rounds of emotion finally started. One of the most exciting sporting events is the NFL Draft. It’s where teams make their final selections on who will be the fresh faces of their franchise after months of preparation. This year’s draft generated a plethora of generational talents. To begin, there is now a dispute surrounding who won the NFL draft; there have been many spectacular selections, and to be frank, there is no clear winner. However, many say that the Jets or Ravens won one draft. Some could say that the Giants, Eagles or even the Chiefs. This just supports the idea that the NFL draft has no obvious winner. 

Because we have yet to see these players perform, it is difficult for us to swiftly point fingers at who the greatest and worst draft picks were. Most fans like giving judgment on their favorite team’s lineup and pronouncing it to be superb. So we surveyed some non-biased NFL fans in the Edison Intermediate School (EIS) community about their perspectives on their teams’ drafts and the draft in general. In an interview featuring eighth grader Sam Judka, he stated. “There were many great drafts this year from teams, but the ones that I thought won were the Eagles, Giants and maybe the Ravens. I just think that those teams were the only teams that improved their roster and give themselves a better chance to contend this year.” 

Sam’s comment reveals who the most popular draft selections are this year. When Sam commented on the concept of the team improving and providing them a greater opportunity to contend next year, he took a different approach to this topic. When seen from this perspective, the options are reduced to teams in the center of the pack. This is not the case, though. The question isn’t what team is giving itself the best opportunity to win next season. Rather, the question is who is receiving the best building blocks for the team’s future quality. 

Teams like the Rams, Chiefs, and Buccaneers, who were at the top of the league previous year, earn lower draft selections than teams like the Jaguars, Texans, or Lions, who were the poorest in the league last year. This enables these underperforming teams to develop and strengthen their future. Taking these players so soon in the draft has been proven to be hazardous time and time again. Coaches have been keeping a watch on Jamarcus Russell, who has emerged as the brightest quarterback in decades. The Oakland Raiders (now known as the Las Vegas Raiders) took a major risk on him with the first choice in the 2007 NFL Draft after he graduated from Louisiana State University (LSU). The Raiders were certain that he would turn around their struggling franchise. Jamarcus turned out to be maybe the biggest bust we’ve seen in the history of the NFL.

Russell finished his career with a total of 4,083 yards. Along with an 18-23 TD-INT ratio and only a 52.3 percent completion rate. In comparison to the typical quarterback, this is abysmal. He was so historically bad, that he only ended up playing three years in the league. Jamarcus Russell is an excellent example of how dangerous it is to draft highly scouted athletes out of college. Putting up impressive numbers in college football is far different from putting up impressive numbers in the NFL. That is why some teams are cautious to draft specific individuals.

All in all, here is a bit about the draft this year, and some history about the NFL draft.