Summer camps to open this summer


Ethan Epstein

Due to COVID-19, many summer camps were closed during the summer of 2020. But this year, many sleepaway and day camps will be open. Many people are looking forward to this but many still ask the question: Will they be safe this summer due to COVID-19? 

First, many campers will have received the vaccine by the summertime as it was approved by the FDA in the spring. Many people between 12-15 have gotten their first dose of the vaccine, and many kids will have their second doses by the end of June. In addition, many camps have safety requirements like no bus service to and from camp, campers needing to get tested prior to camp, masks requirements for certain activities, and getting tested when you arrive at camp. 

Last year, many camps were closed due to the pandemic. There were very few camps that were open and lots of them had major outbreaks amongst the campers and the counselors. We hope to not have something like that this summer. When asked do you think that sleepaway camps will be safe this summer? 55.6% of respondents at Edison Intermediate School said they believed summer camps would be safe this year. 

33.3% of the respondents think that they won’t be safe, and finally 11.1% are uncertain about safety precautions. Here are the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines for 2021 summer camps: “Planning and preparing are two of the most important steps to take before reopening and for continuing camp operations. Each camp program should have an Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) in place to protect staff, campers, families, and communities from the spread of COVID-19. Camp operators should review, update, and implement the EOP” (CDC). 

I hope that you learned a lot about some camp safety guidelines this summer and if you’re going to camp have a safe and healthy summer!