Dodge drops the SRT Performance line

Dodge drops the SRT Performance line

Harrison Earnst

From 2022 onwards, Dodge Car Manufacturers are transferring ownership of the company and dropping the Street Racing Technology (SRT) line. “Come 2021, and the SRT team has been disbanded by Stellantis, the new parent company of the Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) PSA merger.”(Autoevolution). Keeping the SRT Team producing vehicles is simply impractical for the changing company.

For example, over the last 32 years, the SRT team and Dodge created some of the most powerful production cars in history. For example, the Dodge SRT Demon produced 808 horsepower, 717 lb ft of torque and is the first production car in history to do wheelies.

Evidently, the Dodge SRT vehicles are incredibly popular. The Challenger Hellcat being the most well known. The SRT Hellcat is constantly referenced in pop culture, especially the rap world. The SRT Hellcat is mentioned in hundreds of popular songs, some of which including “Audemar” by Young Thug, “Tic Tac” by Future, “Break Ya Back” by Ski Mask the Slump God, “Out Tha Mud” by Roddy Rich, and hundreds more. The SRT cars have been included in countless blockbusters such as Night Crawler, NCIS: Los Angeles, Tag, The Fate of The Furious, Transformers and Man more.

Famously, some of the SRT staples include the Hellcat Challenger, Hellcat Charger, Demon, SRT-10 Viper, SRT Viper GT3-R, and the Hellcat Durango.

Luckily, it’s not all bad. The SRT line will be finished off the most powerful SRT Car yet. The 2022 Dodge SRT Ghoul Charger. A mid-size sedan with a 6.2 liter “Hellephant” V-8 engine producing 1000+ horsepower. The SRT Ghoul is a wide-bodied Dodge Charger Red Eye with a total overhaul. This Super-Sedan will run around $200,000.

The loss of the SRT team is tragic for the car community. Tyler Bradley stated, “It’s a sad day… It’s a sad time for car enthusiasts. SRT made cars with so much power and incredible performance, we’ll never see anything like it again”

However, this change opens the door for a new and even better Street Racing Engineering Team. “While the SRT team has been disbanded, SRT engineers will now be mixed with performance engineers from the PSA side of Stellantis and both teams will be able to work on high-performance projects across all brands in the Stellantis portfolio”(MOPAR Insiders). 

While Dodge and the SRT Team will be parting ways, there is still hope that we may see a couple SRT collaborations down the road!