Summer plans with a shot of COVID-19


Hannah Ramdath and Cassie Solomon

How are you going to take on this summer: COVID-19 edition? COVID-19 has taken over the world drastically. The one part of the year people look forward to the most, summer, has been greatly impacted. Now that adults and teenagers are getting the COVID-19 vaccine, people feel a lot more safe to get out of their homes and start to travel. Everyone is desperate to leave their homes and start to get back to a new normal safely. 

To start, many students and their families have different plans for this summer. Some students may be visiting other places, while others are staying home. Families were forced to alter all of their plans. Eighth grade student Zach Epp shared, “I would go to sleep away camp with friends but now I’m going to stay home and do local sport camps with friends.”

Additionally, families have been pursued to purchase beach houses now to escape their town and go to somewhere new. Eighth grade student Ella Reed explained, “We’re going to our beach house in LBI and we’re going to try to travel to LA and maybe Hawaii. We couldn’t go to LA last year because of COVID.” 

However, some people prefer to stay within the country for summer vacations. There are many risks to travel outside of the country, but there are also many activities to do within the country. Seventh grade student Francesa Hamrah shared, “We’re probably going to stay local and drive to Rhode Island. We’re going to the beach too.”

To add, people feel much safer this summer now that the COVID-19 is now available for people 12 years and older. This summer is now giving everyone more opportunities to have fun and still continue to be safe. Teenagers and adults are eager to make up for the many months we have lost. Eighth grade student Chloe Katz expressed, “I’m going to get vaccinated so I won’t have to worry when I’m out in public. I’ll be able to do normal things again.” 

The world has started to fall apart this past year and the vaccine is bringing it back together. “For all of us to get back to a new normal, we’re going to need to vaccinate as much of the population (as possible) and we know that children make up about 20% of the U.S. population. So vaccinating children is going to be an important piece of our strategy” (Center for Disease Control and Prevention – CDC). 

All in all, summer plans are going to be altered, but people are trying to get the most out of these circumstances. Whether it’s staying home to spend time with friends and family or traveling around the world, everyone can find a way to entertain themselves. Start planning summer 2021 from now: there are only a couple weeks left!