Eighth graders say goodbye to Edison and hello to high school

Eighth graders say goodbye to Edison and hello to high school

As the end of the 2020-2021 school year begins to come to a close, eighth graders are beginning to depart from Edison Intermediate School (EIS). Many students have different views on leaving middle school and going to high school. Although moving into high school can be a scary new thing, many students are more excited than anything. High school means new people and new opportunities, but some people are already dreading the change.

As a new chapter begins for the class of 2025, students begin to feel the pressure of high school. Many students will be attending different schools, such as, The Mount Saint Mary’s Academy, The Pingry School, The Union County Vocational-Technical School, and Seton Hall Preparatory School. When students are faced with the question of what they are most excited for, the answer has a vast variety of answers. Eighth grader Amanda Goodman who is excited about attending the academy of performing arts next year said, “Excited to have a new start with new people and a new school.¨

 One eighth grader who will be attending Westfield High School in the fall said,  “For many people, new people and a new environment is so intriguing and so exciting.”

“I’m most excited to see what I want to do with my life and what I will be more interested in when given more opportunity.” 

Even though there are many positive feelings towards going into high school, many students also felt some negative feelings. Many students have been feeling nervous and anxious towards moving into a new school. Eighth grader Owen Murphy, going to The Pingry School explained, “I am most nervous for not being with my friends and not knowing anybody.”

Change is a very scary aspect for not only students, but to adults as well. As kids, we get used to having the same routine with the same people and changing that all up is a very scary event to picture. Even though many students are nervous about friends, Eighth grader Chloe Golub introduces the idea of location. Chloe stated, “I’m most nervous that I won’t be able to figure out where I’m going.”

As Eighth grade comes to an end, students demonstrate their feelings towards leaving Edison Intermediate School  and becoming a high school student. Guidance counselor Mrs. Kerri Webster wanted to leave a message for the students. ““The advice I would give is I want you to be really open-minded right like a lot of kids. I think I have this mistaken notion that something is gonna be really hard where they can’t do something and I think high school is the perfect opportunity with this transition. This is to open your mind, have new experiences, come out of your comfort zone and recognize you have the skills to be really successful.”

She continued, “You just have to be resourceful, you have to be responsible, you have to be pretty independent, but you are capable of all of those things, and I want you to just sort of trust them that you’re ready for this experience and that you will be guided by the right people when the time comes. All of these things will kind of fall naturally into place, and I just want you to enjoy and have  great high school experience. You only get to do this once.”