Start the summer of 2021 in the best way possible


Luca Carollo

“While for the majority (30%) of 18-34-year-old Americans summer is their favorite season, this is the case for just 20% of those aged 55 and over” (YouGov).  It is quite obvious that younger people enjoy summer more; one of the reasons might be that children have more activities that they can participate in compared to adults.  Some students at Edison Intermediate School (EIS) like to go to the pool. “I like the pool because I don’t like sand, and the pool is much more relaxing.  I like to run around and I recommend running and hanging out with your friends during the summer,” seventh-grade student Sarah Steven said.

Bike riding is also an activity that a lot of students like to do: “Bicycles are clearly most popular amongst young children, as the proportion of 5-10 year-old who owned bikes was approximately double the average for all ages (5+), and was more than 50 percent higher than the proportion of bicycle-owners in the 21-29 age group” (Statista).  A student at EIS also enjoys going on bike rides. “During the summer, I enjoy going to the beach because I like to take bike rides along the boardwalk and swim in the ocean,” eighth grader Kyra Lentzner stated.  

An activity many people do during the summer is going to the pool and hanging out with friends.  The pool is a popular place in almost every town that has one.  During the summer many families go to the pool.  Many people go to the pool to hang out with friends.  Oliver Khan, a seventh grader at EIS had this to say, ”During the summer, I enjoy hanging out with friends because it’s very fun and nice out. I also like going to the pool more because it’s relaxing and fun.”

The beach or ocean is another popular place to go to during the summer.  Going to the beach is a very popular activity in the United States shown in this survey done by the National Recreation and Park Association, “Walking, hiking and going to the beach among the top three summer activities in the United States.”

In addition, a recent online survey conducted by the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) found that Americans favor going for a walk/hike, going to the beach and having a picnic/barbeque over other common summer activities” (NRPA).  A student at EIS also enjoys going to the beach, “I dislike hiking with my mom but I like going to the pool. I recommend going to the ocean during the summer,” Katherine Riley, a sixth grader, stated.  

Summer is a great season to just relax and enjoy yourself, especially if you’re a kid.  Some things to do are sit in your backyard and read a book. You could make a nice glass of lemonade while listening to your favorite songs. You can go to the pool and have fun with friends in the water.  You can build a sandcastle or go surfing in the ocean.  Daniel Digney, an eighth grader said this, “I like going to the beach because its a good way to cool off.”