Bring back athletic teams of the past


Ty’Shawn Pearson

If you walk down the hallway by the gym at Edison Intermediate School (EIS), you will see different time periods of athletic teams. People wondered why there are not that many sports in EIS and I was one of them. So I asked the principal of Edison Intermediate Dr. Bolton, “If kids have interest in making a school team would you make it?”

Dr. Bolton responded, “Yes, we will explore the idea. For example, volleyball was never an EIS sport, but people wanted it to play it here. The students and teachers created a club that eventually became a school team.”

As for explaining the pictures on the wall, Dr. Bolton said, “There was a lot of sports back then–basketball track and field, hockey, etc. The teams got taken away when it became too costly so much for the coaches and busses.”

Student Kedar Scott at Edison Intermediate doesn’t think he would participate on a school team. He explained, “I don’t think the team would be good enough for me to be a part of. Also it’s possible it could get in the way of my AAU team.”

Seventh grader Jake Dickey declared, “I probably would play basketball for EIS because I play travel basketball. Travel basketball was weird because of Covid. I think a school team would be really fun.”

Edison Intermediate School seventh grader Simon Gunzberg said, “Playing soccer for EIS would be exciting because I would like to play against other schools in the area.”

Sixth grader Jake Hantman responded, “If there was a basketball or soccer team, I would definitely play on the team because it sounds fun.”