Students are hopping off computers and going to school


Sam Cohen

Many students have been in virtual school for a whole year now. Schools like Edison Intermediate School (EIS) have been using meeting applications like Google Meets and Webex to communicate with one another. The way work was assigned would be through Google Classroom which allowed students to have different sections of work that would be posted by the teacher. Without applications like these, online schooling would not have been able to be accomplished.

Recently, EIS is letting students back in for full time in person learning. Although many students are very excited to see their friends around the halls, there are a multitude of things people will be missing about being a virtual student. There is a lot of different freedoms that the students are able to obtain with being virtual that with being in school will be taken away.

One of the freedoms that online school has presented includes being able to spend more time with family. According to one of the EIS 8th grade students they stated, “In between the breaks I could go down stairs and see my mom and my sister.”

With most businesses and schools being virtual students get the opportunity to be able to talk a lot more with their family. Having this extra time with family can be very important and can be very beneficial to the students as well as making them feel more comfortable at there homes. Even EIS Principal Dr. Matthew Bolton stated, “It afforded me more time to be around my kids and my dog.”

A sixth grade student shared, “We played a lot of board games while I was at home.”

Another thing that a lot of students enjoyed about being able to work at home was that lunch was a lot more flexible. Being at home helped afford students the opportunity to be able to have home cooked meals that had more variety then what was offered at the school cafeteria. Eighth grader Drew Pravlik explained, “I liked to eat food and go on my phone at home.” 

One more thing that students really enjoyed about being in virtual school was being able to have the flexibility to move somewhere else aside from their desk. During the days that were more sunny and warm outside multiple people at EIS would go and sit on there deck while doing their work. Assistant Principal Crystal Marsh had stated, “I did go out on my deck when it was nice out as it was a nice change of scenery.”

It’s very good for people’s mental health to take a break sometimes and just go outside for a bit. Being able to work at home gave people that opportunity.