Take out food gains popularity this year

Take out food gains popularity this year

Luca Carollo

Westfield, New Jersey is a town in the United States with a population of 29,877 (as of 2019).  Westfield is not just filled with people, it is filled with restaurants as well.  Just like most Americans, the people of Westfield like take-out food.  “I like take-out food better [than homemade food] because there are more options,” eighth grade Edison Intermediate School (EIS) student, Jessica Dong said.  

Since there are many different restaurants in Westfield, the people have many different options like Hispanic, Italian, Chinese, and many more different types of foods.  Downtown Westfield has a variety of restaurants such as Qdoba, Jade Garden, Chipotle, and Farnolio.    Chipotle seems to be popular in Westfield with a four-star review on google reviews.  Jamie Clark, a student at EIS had this to say, “My favorite take-out food is Chipotle because it tastes good and they have a large variety of food.”

McDonald’s is a huge fast-food chain restaurant that can be found almost anywhere.  In 2019 they made 100 billion dollars in global sales and about 21 billion dollars in revenue (Growing Savings).  This is an extremely large number, but it makes sense.  Some people prefer fast food over homemade food, “I like big franchises more because they are everywhere you go,” Jessica stated.

Many families in America have take-out food multiple times during the week.  According to a survey conducted in 2019, 56% of Americans eat out in a restaurant or get take-out food delivered to their homes 2-3 times a week (CBS Minnesota News).  This statistic is accurate to one teacher’s family, “I get Chick-Fil-A every Tuesday, Panera every Thursday, and sometimes we have Smoothie King on Fridays,” seventh grade Social Studies teacher, Jacqueline Messinger declared.  

It is clear that the people of Edison Intermediate school like take-out food in Westfield because of the different variety of food and the different options you have in choosing what to eat.  One student at Edison said her favorite take-out food is Chipotle.  Another student said that her favorite take-out food is Vicki’s Diner.  The people of Westfield all have different opinions on Westfield take-out food.  However, most people can agree that “Westfield has good take-out food,” Jack Clark stated.