Pros and cons on the reopening of school sports

Pros and cons on the reopening of school sports

Zach Epp and Sam Zafra

Many parents have had to decide whether they should or should not send their children into school sports. This has been a tough argument over the months and years of COVID-19. To be specific, while sports are just starting back up again there aren’t as many safety precautions. However, teens are getting to see their friends and make relationships needed in life. 

One reason why there should be school sports is because it is good for letting kids bond together while doing something they love to do. All kids have some friends that they have in school but they don’t hang out with them outside of school, even if they want to. By having school sports it will help students bond in a different type of environment and even make some friends. One student named Thomas said, “I love that idea. I think that school sports is a great way to have fun and even find some new kids that like to do what you do.” This shows that incorporating school sports will help kids make friends and let them bond with each other with things that they love to do.

Another reason why there should be school sports is because it lets kids show their school pride. When students go into school, most of the time they don’t feel a certain joy of representing their school. That is because students have to do school work all day. When it comes to sports it’s different, “When I go out and play for my sports teams I feel a sense of pride,” If school sports was a thing for Edison intermediate school, the students would feel different about going to school and playing against other teams. It would make them feel good about their school.

While there are a lot  of pros  there are still downsides to allowing school sports. Organized sports are starting to return for youth of all ages, though as of January they are still half as active as they were prior to the pandemic. Parents are more willing to let their children play, and to spend money to support those activities, despite increasing concerns about the risks of COVID-19 transmission as well as transportation and scheduling concerns with school starting up again. However many still concern That there aren’t enough safety precautions. To be specific, many states don’t require a mask to play in these sports. In addition, in many states before entering facilities only temperature is being taken. This is dangerous because many adults and especially kids could have the virus and be asymptomatic. Therefore while parents are still willing to put their kids in school sports and the virus is still peaking, it could lead to more cases. With more cases appearing schools would have to be shut down for a certain amount of time which would cause students to get less attention from teachers. 

In conclusion, there are valid reasons why there should and should not be school sports. It all depends on what certain schools value most. Do they value having school pride and making friendships, or do they rather keep students safe from COVID and hold off on sports. This shows the pros and cons of having school sports and if it benefits students, or harms them.