The downfall of social media 

The downfall of social media 

Daniel Digney

Social media has been very influential in today’s society in the sense that it affects almost every teenager’s life. Although, this is true, many may argue that social media has been more harmful than helpful. Social media has made many kids self conscious about themselves due to cyberbullying. In addition, many cyberbullying cases have led to suicide. Not every aspect of social media is bad, as many people have made lifelong friends thanks to online media. Overall, social media has brought many ups and down to technology.

Technology is one of the hardest fields to make advancements in as we have thought of almost everything and it has been put out to the public for everyone to enjoy. This enjoyment comes at a very hefty price as the average phone nowadays costs anywhere from $300-$1,000. This cost does not even include the phone bill for each month per person which will end up costing around $70 per person per month. At the end of the year this can all add up and use precious money that families need to make a car or a house payment. As a teen, not having a phone means you miss out on a lot of news, opportunity, and fun with friends, but they are very expensive.

With great power comes great responsibility that some kids are not ready to accept, and they do not think what they say on the internet matters. Some parents get their children a phone as young as 8 years old, and then kids have the power to download different apps so they can interact with different people on the internet. Some of these people may be complete strangers or they may be their real life friends. One thing said on the internet can affect someone’s whole life and the kid who said it may not even know it. In addition many peoples’ futures have been ruined by what has been said on the internet in their past, some people couldn’t get a college education because of this as well.

To sum up, the internet is a very dark and confusing place whilst being very interesting and entertaining at the same time. My thoughts on the matter are that you should not get your child a phone at such a young age because something they may say or something someone else says to them may affect the rest of their life.